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Rufus Carlin

Rufus Carlin (played by Malcolm Barrett) is the original Time Team pilot, our Hero in a Hoodie, and resident Chocodile fanatic.

An MIT grad and programmer by trade, he became a reluctant time traveler when the team was initially assembled to track down Garcia Flynn. He often serves as the group's conscience/moral compass, when not cracking jokes as a coping mechanism for dealing with the harsh realities of America's past.



Over the course of season 2, Rufus' girlfriend, Jiya, consistently suffered visions portending his death.

Despite the Time Team’s best efforts to avert the tragedy, Rufus was killed in the season two finale while on a mission 130 years in the past. The series ended with the Time Team down an original member and with Clockblockers everywhere left completely devastated by the turn of events.


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