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Timeless P.O. Box

The Postcard Campaign was implemented with the hope of reaching networks and streaming services—those with the power to #SaveTimeless. The goal is to deliver something tangible to the targeted studios that showcases Clockblockers' passion, dedication, and love for Timeless. Clockblockers rallied around the mission as soon as it launched, and ever since, postcards have been going out daily in mass quantities from all around the world.

Due to the high level of interest and participation, the @TimelessPOBox Twitter handle was created. Timeless P.O. Box is currently the hub for all things related to this operation. The account provides up to date campaign information, historical documents and pictures to use for postcards, and tips for contributing to the cause. More importantly, Timeless P.O. Box shares the amazing postcards, letters, invites, and other mailings being sent out for all Clockblockers to see.

So far, each and every fan’s contribution to the operation has been inspirational. The postcards are all unique; whether they are handmade, vintage, electronic,Timeless-themed, from historical places, or from Clockblockers’ hometowns. The images depict many different periods of history - both good and bad. The messages written by fans not only express reasons why Timeless deserves to be given a new home, but often share personal family stories and histories as well.



Check out some of the wonderful postcards Clockblockers have made and sent in!

Want to join in on the fun?

Submit your postcards to @TimelessPOBox on Twitter!

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