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Timeless Historical Preservation Project

This amazing show we all love is about saving History, and we can use the power of our fandom to help do just that.


The goal for this project is to donate money to Timeless-related historical charities in the name of the show we love. By doing so, we will be helping to preserve the very history that our Time Team worked so hard to save.


We have chosen Timeless-related historical charities where we can use our donation to purchase commemorative bricks, which means that there will be Timeless-inscribed bricks all over the country for visitors to see.


We have created a tiered donation goal that will allow us to purchase more bricks at more locations based on the amount of money we collect. As we reach each new goal, we will add the amount of the next brick to the goal amount. If we meet our top goal, we will roll out round two of this project.


DM or e-mail us with any questions.


Please feel free to check out the websites of the different charities to which we are donating. Some of them also provide site maps which show the areas where the bricks will be installed.

(Unfortunately we discovered the Korean War Memorial brick fundraiser website hadn’t been updated & no more bricks are available. However, our donation will still help this site’s historical mission.)

We started on May 21, 2019 with the first location, the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN, and reached our goal of $1,360 on June 5, 2019.

Donations to all seven historical sites were made about 2 weeks later.

In case you're wondering how this all works and what the bricks might look like, check out the example on the right/below. (source:

Two of the brick inscriptions we will use, depending on number of characters and lines allowed, are:

"Everyone Matters to History - Timeless"

"Saving History is Timeless"

The National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri has send information about the location of our donation brick.


We have also received pictures of the location and the brick, taken by fellow Timeless fan Kathy Peterson Ruoff. Thank you!

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