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The Television Critics Association represents more than 220 journalists writing about television for print and online outlets in the United States and Canada.

- Television Critics Association

Following our San Diego Comic-Con heliCLOCKter stunt, we decided we needed some face time with some journalists. When we discovered that the TCAs were a place where journalists and networks meet to discuss upcoming shows, we knew that we needed to continue on our mission to Save Timeless.

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It took a call to a TCA media contact and a 15-minute call to the hotel that was hosting the TCAs to learn that 112 journalists would be staying there and that there was an option of sending items to the hotel to be dropped in the rooms by the hotel bellhop (just like any other TCA gifts from networks and companies), which was the recommendation of the TCA representative.

The idea was brought up and discussed, and immediately agreed upon. Within two hours we decided upon Lifesaver mints as our prepackaged item which would be adorned with a custom #SaveTimeless logo (designed by Leanne, who also designed of our banner). A PayPal Pool was set up for the project and within another two hours the fandom fully funded the plan.

TCAs take place over a few weeks, so it was decided that we would order these candies to be delivered to any participating rooms on August 3rd, the day before the awards event. The hotel delivered to 93 rooms between 5 PM and 11 PM.

Many recipients thought that the Lifesavers were a nice touch and a creative approach that no other campaign had thought to do before.  After all, never underestimate a Clockblocker!

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