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On June 22, 2018, news broke that NBC would not be picking Timeless up for a third season. The #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign launched immediately following NBC’s decision to cancel the show after only two seasons, having anticipated for weeks that it may come to this. The announcement included mention of a possible wrap up movie but fans of the show, known as “Clockblockers”, are not willing to accept the current ending of their beloved show and are not ready to stop fighting for its continuation.

As fans, we will continue to advocate for the show because it needs to be watched. Timeless has so much more to offer the world of modern television through the stories that it tells - and there are so many stories that have yet to be told. Timeless deserves the opportunity to be seen by as many people as possible because it is genuine, fantastic television. It offers a relevant commentary on history reflective of our current environment, while remaining educational and entertaining for fans of all ages.

Each episode features an engaging plot that furthers the overarching storyline of the series, while simultaneously giving us eye opening glimpses into both culture and history. Timeless provides viewers with a sense of adventure, paints a picture of humanity, and gives us characters who remind us about passion and love.


Every character is incredibly nuanced. It doesn’t matter if the character is presented as “good” or “bad”, we see bits and pieces of their story that remind us that they, like us, are human. Every character is given a carefully thought-out past; each given motivation for their actions (and inactions), which in turn stir strong emotional responses from the viewer, whether or not the viewer agrees with what drives each character.

Timeless also offers one of the most diverse and talented casts of any modern television program, with the exception of a few situational comedies. Timeless was created in a way that is not diverse simply for the sake of being diverse, but rather to show a more realistic picture of the world we live in, today. The diversity is never forced or loud or shoved in your face; it merely is. The diversity that is found in Timeless works itself seamlessly into the storytelling and is quiet and beautiful in its existence thanks to the phenomenal team of writers who work on the show. The writing on Timeless will tug at your heartstrings, glue you to the edge of your seat, and have you shaking with laughter all in the span of a single episode. The writing lends to natural and effortless storytelling and dialogue that is usually lacking in popular television.

Perhaps most importantly, the show inspires people. There are so many stories from fans who have overcome personal obstacles as a result of the encouragement, motivation, and inspiration they took from Timeless - because the show offers glimpses into the lives of inspiring characters going up against insurmountable odds and fighting through. The characters in Timeless never give up, they help each other and support each other. Timeless proves time and again to its viewers that family isn't always blood.

As Clockblockers, we have figured out what we are fighting for and we are not ready to go out quietly. We feel that Timeless deserves better and that it deserves more. There is immeasurable, untapped potential behind the premise of this show. It is more than a journey through time- it is a journey through life, teaching invaluable lessons and showing us what it means to affect change. Timeless deserves a season three and many more. So, we the fans, are hereby appealing to all other networks and studios to sincerely consider giving Timeless a new home.

If you’d like to know who the fans are: we are a family. We might be different but we are all bound together by our passion for the show we all hold so dear. Timeless brought us together and we hold tight to that as a fandom. We are from all walks of life, from all over the world - different races, different cultures, different creeds. We are the individual taking comfort in being a part of something larger than ourselves. We are entire families who watch together. We are teachers who use the show in the classroom to teach children about history. We are children who learn about tolerance, inclusion, and ways to make the world a little brighter. We are history buffs, adventure seekers, romantics, and lovers of smart television. We are Clockblockers and we are here to stay.


We will follow our show anywhere.


We are Timeless.

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