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#SaveTimeless in the Press


TV on the right side of history: Why ‘Timeless’ deserves to be saved

Amy Roberts
July 26th, 2018

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When historians (or time travellers) look back on this era, they may well stroke their chins at the manner with which we all voraciously consume television shows and the jaw-dropping volume of content created on the regular. (They’d probably also be horrified to take a peek inside the White House, but for the sake of our argument here, let’s pretend they’re total media buffs.) They’d also likely define our current TV-obsessed time as being one ruled by fandoms and where networks inexplicably cancelled some of the most beloved shows for the most baffling of reasons. Timeless is one such show...

If not, it certainly won't be for a lack of trying.

More than two months after the finale aired, and nearly a month after NBC cancelled the Time Travelling drama, Timeless fans are showing the world that they're not ready to give up.

Fans have been trending and campaigning for two months in an effort to get the attention of any network or streaming service to pick up Timeless...


Can Its Fans Once Again #SaveTimeless?

Meg Griffith
July 26th, 2018

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Save Timeless update: Is work being done behind the scenes?

Matt Carter
July 26th, 2018

Are we getting closer to learning, once and for all, if there will be another season of Timeless, or at least a movie?

For the time being, to say anything definite would be premature, but there is something that is very clear right now: Even though contracts may have expired, nobody seems to be altogether keen to let the series go at the moment. We saw the epic helicopter showcase at San Diego Comic-Con, and beyond just that, Sony TV’s Chris Parnell posted about the gift of cupcakes that were received — a delivery from many of the show’s diehard fans...

The USA Network canceled Colony. Is this because they are thinking of stepping in and saving NBC’s Timeless?

Colony fans learned over the weekend that the USA Network had decided to cancel the series. Understandably fans of the adventure drama are upset to see the series go, but it could be news that another fandom will one day celebrate. The Timeless fandom, a.k.a the Clockblockers.

Fans of the NBC series have been, to put it bluntly, messed around with. Threatened with cancelation...


Could Timeless be the reason for Colony’s cancellation?

Callum Gunn
July 24th, 2018

Timeless au San Diego Comic Con 2018 : malgré son annulation, la série a su se faire remarquer

July 24th, 2018

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C’est cette fois sur une note plus joyeuse que nous venons vous parler de la série Timeless, annulée par NBC il y a un mois. Comme nous vous l’avions annoncé, Timeless n’arrive pas à trouver une nouvelle chaîne pour pouvoir faire une troisième saison et semble peiner à trouver le budget pour faire un film afin de clôturer la série. Mais c’est sans compter sur les fans qui ne lâchent rien afin de voir Timeless renaître de ses cendres...


When the sci-fi series Timeless dropped on NBC back in 2016, it was hailed a smart time travel drama with a solid future ahead. The story centers on an unlikely trio: Lucy Preston (Abigail Spencer), a historian and anthropologist; Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter), a special ops military dude; and our #1 Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett), a computer programmer who works for an Elon Musk type mogul. The threesome travel through time in order to battle unknown criminals and protect history as we know it...


Why fans want to protect the past and save the future of ‘Timeless’

Daisy Phillipson
July 23rd, 2018

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Timeless fans need big news before they go nuts

Callum Gunn
July 23rd, 2018

Big news about Timeless is coming, but it better come soon. Clockblockers are struggling to deal with all the cryptic messages being sent.

Timeless has some big news coming but whatever this big news is, it needs to be announced soon as fans of the NBC series are struggling to cope. As one fan pointed out, “we are on pins and needles.”

It all started out at during this weekend’s Comic-Con...

Fã que é fã não desiste nunca. Apesar de a NBC ter cancelado a aventura Timeless (pela segunda vez!) ao fim da segunda temporada, a campanha pelo resgate da série continua com tudo, cada vez mais no alto. Literalmente.

Durante o fim de semana da San Diego Comic-Con 2018...

Laysa Zanetti
July 22nd, 2018

Comic-Con 2018: Helicóptero sobrevoa San Diego pedindo o resgate de Timeless

Timeless helicopter heading to San Diego Comic-Con with a message

Matt Carter
July 22nd, 2018

Over the past few days, we’ve been buzzing with excitement over the idea of a Timeless helicopter (or rather, two helicopters) flying over San Diego Comic-Con. How could you not be? It’s an epic stunt to try to get the show a new home, or at least to get NBC to commission the movie that there have been some talks about as of late.

We do know this: There are few better stages to try to promote the series at than Comic-Con, given that there will be an incredibly-large contingent of people there to take in the experience. Things got started with the helicopters a little bit later than expected...

Weeks of planning, social media activism, and fundraising have led to this historic fandom moment for fans of Timeless. The fact that the show has been cancelled and not invited to San Diego Comic Con hasn’t done anything to deter its loyal fan base. Not even close.


The rallying cry of #SaveTimeless has topped the trending hashtags across Twitter for SDCC since the con began.

Thousands of tweets poured in as the anticipation for the helicopters to take flight built into an anxious frenzy. And the tweets kept coming while Timeless crashed the most popular fandom event of the summer...

‘Timeless’ Fans Make History

Jessica Thomas
July 22nd, 2018

Kim Brandow
July 21st, 2018

If there were any doubts on just how serious Timeless fans are about getting the now-cancelled show back on air, you can throw them out the window. The clockblockers, as they are called, have been relentless in fighting for their favorite history drama. If you just happened to be anywhere near the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, then you probably had witnessed — well, history...

‘Timeless’ Fans Have Taken To The Skies To Get The Cancelled Show Back, Rufus Banner Flies Over SDCC

Today is the day! The Timeless HeliCLOCKter takes to the skies above SDCC and you can watch the event live, right here!

Strap yourselves in and hold onto something Clockblockers. The Timeless HeliCLOCKter will be taking to the skies today and sending a message to the entire world above SDCC...

Callum Gunn
July 21st, 2018

Timeless: Watch the HeliCLOCKter fly above SDCC live!

‘Timeless’ Fans Want You to Look Up at SDCC

Jessica Thomas
July 20th, 2018

Fan campaigns have had a storied history of creativity over the years. Ever since people gathered outside studios and wrote letters to save Star Trek, the decades after have seen many different efforts by fans to keep their shows from cancellation. Or, in the case of NBC’s Timeless, bring them back. It’s only right that a series like Timeless—a show that took a unique approach to history—would inspire a fan campaign for the history books...

Quick, name the buzziest, most talked about show at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Doctor Who, with its new, female lead? Nope. The Walking Dead, which will see the exit of longtime star Andrew Lincoln? Double nope. Turns out its NBC’s canceled drama Timeless… And the show isn’t even there.

According to Twitter trends around the annual pop culture convention shared with Decider, Timeless — and the #SaveTimeless hashtag in particular — is dominating the conversation. Of 820,000 tweets sent leading up to Comic-Con on Wednesday, Timeless was number one on TV trends...

Alex Zalben
July 20th, 2018

‘Timeless’ Is Dominating Comic-Con (And It’s Not Even There)

Lauren Busser
July 18th, 2018

Never underestimate the power of a passionate fanbase.

Timeless fans have been spending hours tweeting and tirelessly working to save their favorite show in the form of postcards, letter campaigns, and phone calls, even sending paperclips to studio executives to demonstrate their passion for the show since the series was canceled back in June.

But in the last two weeks, the Save Timeless campaign launched their most ambitious project...

‘Timeless’ Takes to the Sky at San Diego Comic-Con

The Timeless HeliCLOCKter is booked and ready to go, here are all the details, including time, date, live stream and more.

Timeless fans are not backing down in the fight to see the decision to cancel the NBC series reversed or, at the very least, given a Timeless movie. Fans have clubbed together to make their voice heard on this matter by organizing a Helicopter, or HeliCLOCKter, to fly over SDCC...

Callum Gunn
July 17th, 2018

Timeless HeliCLOCKter booked and ready to launch at SDCC!

Matt Carter
July 17th, 2018

For everyone out there who loves Timeless, there’s a very specific way to celebrate it at San Diego Comic-Con, while fighting for its future.

You may have heard a thing or two already about the helicopter that is going to fly over the convention center on Saturday, July 21. Now, there are a few more details that you should know. The helicopter will fly intermittently around the area starting at 12:00 p.m. Pacific time, and it will conclude at around 3:00. This is right in the thick of one of the busiest times of the convention...

Save Timeless: What you need to know about Comic-Con helicopter

Timeless è stato ormai condannato dal business televisivo, ma i Clockblockers proprio non ci stanno e si preparano ad una clamorosa forma di promozione/protesta nel corso del San Diego Comic Con.

NBC non porterà ovviamente  Timeless nel suo panel e non ci sono, al momento, voci di network o piattaforme online disposte a prendere in carico la serie Tv creata da Shawn Ryan ed Eric Kripke...

Michele Li Nocea
July 17th, 2018

Timeless: Il fandom si organizza in vista dell’SDCC

‘Timeless’ Takes History and Makes It Personal

Lauren Busser
July 15th, 2018

Ahhhh! Fricken Clockblocker!

Timeless fans were, understandably, gutted at the announcement that the time travel drama had been canceled on June 22nd. They’d been down this road before when NBC canceled the time travel drama after the first season, and then uncanceled it four days later.

Upon news of the cancellation, fans have been fighting with the #SaveTimeless Twitter campaign to find the show another home on streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, and TV stations like STARZ, HBO, and even making a case for HISTORY Channel...

“Now I can’t think about anything else but #Timeless,” @trinxikene tweeted after devouring all 26 episodes of time travel series Timeless over a few days. “Is this what happened to everybody?”


For fans, Timeless will be with us long after the lifeboat has been packed away and the doors to the bunker are locked forever. Some may argue that has already happened, but like a time team stranded in the 1700s, fans won't accept defeat just because things seem bleak...

Timeless - Mission: #SaveTimeless

Rebeccah Wright
July 14th, 2018

Callum Gunn
July 11th, 2018

Timeless fans continue to fight to #SaveTimeless and #SaveRufus and what they have planned next is going to rock SDCC like nothing else.

NBC might have given Timeless the boot and attempts to find the show a new home so far all failed, but that is not stopping determined Timeless fans from fighting on. The #SaveTimeless #SaveRufus campaign continues and fans now have their eyes set on SDCC...

Timeless set to rock SDCC despite not being invited!

For everyone wanting an update on yesterday’s big Timeless story revolving around a helicopter and San Diego Comic-Con, we’ve got big news — it appears as though the banner is actually happening!

Over the past few days, the goal has been for the fandom to raise more than $17,500 to pay for a helicopter to fly over the San Diego convention for three hours, with a banner in tow with the desired message. They reached that goal Sunday on GoFundMe, but they are continuing to raise further money in order to get either a larger banner, more flying time, or...

Matt Carter
July 9th, 2018

The Save Timeless helicopter is officially set to fly over Comic-Con

Matt Carter
July 8th, 2018

At the moment, the odds of a Timeless season 3 appear dim. Executive producer Shawn Ryan has already announced that the series failed to find a new home, but with that, there is still hope for a movie to be made at NBC. We do recognize that there may not be too many options left for the show at present, but at the same you can also have a spirit of optimism and recognize that you can never say never with some shows...

Timeless fans fight to have helicopter banner fly over Comic-Con


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