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Clockblocker Recruitment

Hey, Clockblockers! So, by now you know the score. Timeless has been renewed for a two-episode special, airing in December. NBC is toting it as a finale event, but insiders have hinted that if we increase viewership for the episodes and band together to show just how amazing Clockblockers really are, we can crack open some doors at other networks and maybe even get ourselves a third season.

Here's how you can help out: 

Tweet about Timeless


Hashtags: DO NOT use more than TWO hashtags per tweet. This is crucial. Twitter doesn’t track tweets containing more than two, and using too many hashtags can get you marked as spam. The tags we’re using for the campaign are #SaveTimeless and #Timeless. If we have an event where we’re using a new hashtag (like our Comic Con heliclockter flight, which used #TimelessSDCC), we’ll tweet it out from the campaign’s twitter (@SaveTimelessHQ).

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Tweet Storms: To get a tag trending on twitter, there has to be a spike in activity. To get this to happen, we’ve designated four times a day that you should share your love of Timeless. To avoid being shadowbanned (temporarily excluded from searches and trending data), try to make each tweet original, and space out your tweets (TweetDeck can be a helpful tool for this). Also, retweet to show support for fellow Clockblockers! (Retweets count toward trending numbers but likes do not.)

Tweet Storm times (EST): 8 am, 12 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm

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Rewatches: Every Monday and Wednesday, join your fellow Clockblockers in rewatching this show that we hold so dear! Check the campaign twitter (@SaveTimelessHQ) for which episode we’ll be watching. Try to be watching from an official streaming site, like Hulu or Netflix, for maximum viewership impact, and livetweet (tweet your reactions as you watch) using the hashtags!

Rewatch times: 9 pm CET,  8 pm GMT, 9 pm EST, 8 pm CST,  10 pm MT,  9 pm PST

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Engage on Other Social Media

Clockblockers are not just on Twitter, and neither is this campaign! Be sure to check the topbar for all the official campaign links, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Most people in 2018 choose new shows to watch because of what their friends post about on Facebook, Instagram, or Tumblr, or even what memes they stick in group chats. Join the Clockblocker community, and explore the endless creative options that you’ll find waiting for you. Post your fanart, fanfiction, videos, graphics, and whatever else suits your fancy. The more you talk, the more people are going to listen, and the more people are going to get excited.

Sign the Petition


The more signatures we get, the more our voices can be heard. We averaged over a million viewers each week in a less than favorable time slot, not counting international viewers or the ones that streamed from convenient online sites after the episode aired. We know we’re here. So how do we get the networks to know? The more people sign, the more we can let the networks know.

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There are currently no polls that
we know of to vote for Timeless.
Check back soon though!

Vote in Polls


A great way to get our fandom heard, especially to other fandoms, is to make our presence known by voting in different internet competitions. Here’s some polls you can vote in. Please vote as often as you can.



A wonderful Clockblocker started Lucy’s Lifeboat Library, a drive to donate books to people who need them.

Read more about it here.

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Tell Your Friends


Word of mouth is an amazing tool, and it’s not just one to be utilized online. Talk to friends, family, and coworkers who might not be on social media (or are but don’t follow you) about Timeless and what it means to you and to others in our Clockblocker community.


Create Your Own Promotion


Have a great space for a fan meetup? Want to print out flyers and hand them out in your area? The world is your oyster. If you have a brilliant idea to get new friends/fans, we say go for it! And if you have a bigger idea and need some help, hop on the Discord and let’s see if we can use our resources to make it happen.

Have fun with it!

how to use twitter to recommend timeless
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