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Lucy’s Lifeboat Library is a book drive inspired by themes of friendship, knowledge, family, and hope. What started out as a need to do right by the show after its' untimely cancellation has evolved into a movement that has brought Clockblockers together all across the world, to share the same hope Timeless inspires with people who need it most. These donations reach children in underfunded schools across the U.S. who are desperate for literature; incarcerated people who yearn for knowledge; and the 2,047 minors separated from their families at the border and are looking for any form of comfort they can get. The goal was to give selflessly, to spread the beauty of reading and knowledge to those in need, and to make a difference for the better - like the characters in Timeless and the wonderful writers who created them.


With the help of the Lucy Preston Literary Society, a book club founded in honor of our favorite historian, Lucy's Lifeboat Library identified three charities to donate to through the use of Amazon wishlists:


Kids Need to Read, which “creates a culture of reading for children by providing inspiring books to underfunded schools and literacy programs across the United States, especially those serving disadvantaged children”.

Prison Book Program, which “sends free books to people in prison to improve their lives and to reduce the likelihood of their return to the prison system”.

2,000 Libros, which was created to assist the 2,047 minors who remain at facilities scattered across the U.S. waiting to be reunited with their parents. The books are meant to be a small way of showing these children and teens that other worlds exist; and that hope, love, and happiness are always available at the turn of a page.

Lucy’s Lifeboat Library officially launched on June 30th, 2018, and thus far has managed to donate hundreds of books across all three charities. With growing support for this movement, the organizations themselves have even reached out to show their thanks for the spike in donation numbers. Lucy's Lifeboat Library's goal is to donate 1,000 books by August 31, 2018.

Check out what the charities, Timeless cast, and writers have to say...

Lucy's Lifeboat Library on twitter:

and some highlights of what the classrooms and Clockblockers are saying!

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