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"Last year, 90,000 attendees joined us in our quest to serve up one of the most diverse and celebrated pop-culture events in the United States, and like a leviathan emerging from the deep, we can’t wait come ashore to do it all again! As in years past we will play host to over 700 diverse artists and vendors, selling comics, collectibles, art, toys, apparel, and everything in-between. We’ll also make sure you get up close and personal with some of the biggest and best names in the entertainment industry with our hand-picked selection of panels, events, and meet ’n’ greet opportunities."

- Los Angeles Comic-Con

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We chose L.A. Comic Con for one reason: exposure. Our directive from Sony was to increase viewers of Timeless for our December episodes. What better way than for Clockblockers to talk to other passionate fans? Timeless is sci-fi mixed with drama, comedy, action, and romance. It appeals to an audience with diverse interests, so conventions like Comic-Con is an ideal place to get the word out about our largely unknown show.  

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Our goal from this mission is to not only get the word out about the show but increase our audience for December. The plan in the future is to create a Timeless presence at future Comic-Cons across the United States and continue to build up the audience. 

The greater we can make the viewership number for December's two episode special, then the easier it will be for Sony to shop Timeless to another network. So our job right now is to make Timeless even more appealing for another network to continue upon its NBC conclusion, and that starts with increasing the live audience for Timeless's December two episode special.

Attending LACC?

Seeing Annie Wersching (Timeless's Emma Whitmore)?

Already a Clockblocker?
Never seen Timeless?
Attending with others?
Stop by and visit the #SaveTimeless fan booth!
STFC will be stationed at Fan Table 1816!
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find LACC table
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