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The HeliCLOCKters

When news broke that NBC canceled Timeless, fans scrambled to get organized in order to launch a campaign to save the show. Time was of the essence and the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign immediately began to focus on putting together a grand gesture to capture the attention of studios and media, alike.


Plans were originally drafted to procure a billboard in LA, but were quickly re-routed to go even bigger! On the evening of July 3, the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign announced their intentions to raise enough funds to fly two helicopters over San Diego Comic-Con.

Graphic designer’s rendering of what our billboard might look like as used in our GoFundMe campaign.
Credit: Leanne @futureleanne

By July 4th, the campaign’s GoFundMe page began to attract the attention of Timeless cast and writers, Sony Pictures executives, and journalists.

 Matt Lanter 



Y’all gonna fly this at comic con!? Never underestimate the will of a #clockblocker

 Malcolm Barrett 



Um... wow...

You guys are buying a

heli-clockter? ...



wow. #Clockblocker

TV Journalist

#Timeless fans fight to have helicopter banner fly over Comic-Con #SaveTimeless

Arika Mittman

Television Writer/Producer

You all continue to amaze and impress me & your dedication warms my heart. #Timeless

In under a week, the campaign raised an additional $20,000 and was able to reach their goal of $23,000 to cover the cost of two helicopters - affectionately dubbed “HeliCLOCKters” by the fandom after a tweet by Malcolm Barrett

Our 4000 sq ft aerial billboard design:

#SaveTimeless Sign.jpg

Billboard design. Credit: Leanne @futureleanne

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