Frequently Asked Questions

Why should Timeless be saved?

Timeless not only offers a unique plot, but also has the added benefit of appealing to a niche sci-fi audience, while remaining family friendly. The show has received numerous accolades, and has been praised by critics and fans alike. The writing on the show is incredibly inclusive, featuring a diverse range of characters from a variety of different cultures, races, and creeds - all portrayed by a talented and appropriately diverse cast of actors. One of the most important things about Timeless is that it is an educational show. There are countless testimonies from fans discussing how Timeless has inspired them or otherwise helped them with various projects and papers, as well as reports of teachers utilizing the show’s various episodes as a part of lesson plans - and not only in history classes, either. Timeless is not only entertaining, but important to modern programing; we need more shows like this one on television. If you want to read more about why fans love Timeless, Click here

When was Timeless cancelled?

Timeless was cancelled by NBC on May 10, 2017 after a sixteen episode freshman season. On May 13, 2017, NBC reversed their decision and ordered a condensed, ten-episode, second season. The second season of Timeless debuted in March as part of the mid-season lineup for NBC. On June 22, 2018, six weeks after the season two finale, NBC cancelled Timeless once again- despite a passionate campaign from the fans, cast, and writers pushing for the show to continue.

Why was Timeless cancelled?

Every year in May, television networks unveil their fall lineups to critics and announce which pilots have been ordered to full series. Shows that may not be working out are cut to make space for fresh, new content. Some cuts are inevitable, seen coming from a mile away; some cuts come as a shock; and some cuts may even incite outrage among the fans- driving them to demand their show find new producers to continue the story they love.
For its second season, Timeless was given a difficult time slot for a family show, airing at ten o’clock PM on Sunday nights. This late night slot is past a lot of bedtimes for young children and those who rise early for work. Timeless also followed two freshman game shows, which did not provide a lot of lead in viewership for the family friendly sci-fi drama. NBC has been criticized for failing to provide much by way of advertising for the show, leaving many fans unaware it had returned for a season two at all. Due to a combination of these factors, the ratings for the second season were not an improvement upon those from season one- according to Nielsen numbers, which remain the go to ratings system within the industry. NBC made the decision to cut the show after weeks of internal debate at the end of June 2018. Sources have said the network did not believe the ratings justified the per episode expense of continuing the show.

Who runs the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign?

The #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign is run by fans of the television show Timeless. Our official fan campaign accounts can be found across social media channels under the handle @savetimelesshq. There is no one person that runs the campaign, as the campaign is a collection of voices from across the fandom. We do, however, have a few voluntary leaders who do their best to keep things running smoothly - as is so often required when organizing such a vast number of people into mobilization. You may read more about the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign leaders on our “OUR TEAM” page.

Who can I contact if I have questions or concerns about the campaign?

You may contact any of our official fan campaign social media accounts via the handle @savetimelesshq on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram. You can find more information, as well as links, on our “CONTACT US” page.

What is Discord and why was it being used as part of the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign?

Discord is a chat server that allows users to form groups and text channels in order to help streamline and organize conversations. The program can be accessed via the web or downloaded to personal computers, phones, and tablets.

We had chosen to utilize discord as part of the campaign as a way to streamline communication between fans wanting to be more active in the planning and development phases of campaign initiatives. Since topics can be broken down and split up into categories within the server, we were better able to organize conversations. It was a vital part of our campaign early on as a place where fans can voice their opinions and share ideas. Many of our early projects started as conversations on the discord server.
Although our discord is still currently in use, it is no longer where the majority of campaign planning happens, which is now predominently in a private Twitter DM.

I am a Clockblocker, how do I join the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign?

Welcome, fellow Clockblocker! We are so glad you are here and interested in joining the #SaveTimless Fan Campaign. Joining is simple! All you really need to do is continue to be a vocal member of the Timeless fandom. You can easily join in on Twitter by using the #SaveTimeless hashtag and following our @SaveTimelessHQ account for updates. We also encourage interested parties to participate in our ongoing campaign initiatives. If you would like to get more involved in campaign planning, we encourage you to reach out to @SaveTimelessHQ on Twitter and ask request to join the DM Action Group!

Is there a way for Clockblockers who don’t live in the U.S. to participate?

Absolutely! International Clockblockers have been participating in the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign from the beginning. You can participate by being active on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), sending postcards and paperclips, taking part in the campaign discussions, and contacting various networks and streaming platforms with requests to pick up production of the show. The participation of international Clockblockers is very important because it shows streaming platforms that Timeless has a global audience, so we encourage all international fans to join us.

What are the best hashtags for Clockblockers to use for the campaign?

Our hashtags are very important for tracking our presence on social media - especially on Twitter. #SaveTimeless is the name of our fan campaign and appears in all our campaign efforts, so we encourage everyone to use it as often as possible. When tweeting, remember to only use #Timeless and #SaveTimeless unless a campaign initiative through @SaveTimelessHQ advises otherwise. Both hashtags have consistently been in the Top 10 Twitter Television trends for weeks now. You may use additional hashtags on facebook, tumblr, and instagram at your own discretion.

What is a “tweet storm” and how do Clockblockers participate?

A “tweet storm” is a short period of time when as many people as possible will actively post on Twitter using two designatted hashtags in as many tweets as possible. Typically our tweet storms utilize the campaign hashtags #Timeless and #SaveTimeless unless otherwise instructed via directives issued out of @SaveTimelessHQ. Tweets during tweet storms can be about anything you would like, including original content, commenting on other people’s posts, or simply retweeting other fans’ posts that include the designated hashtags. The purpose of a “tweet storm” is to increase the active number of posts for the given hashtags.

Is there an official #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign petition Clockblockers should be signing?

No. The #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign did not start any of the current petitions, of which there are several. However, we are backing the petition that currently holds the most signatures, and the Clockblocker in charge of that petition has been working in tandem with the campaign. The petition can be found on and is titled “Save Timeless from cancellation”. It is important that we do not split our focus and continue to support the petition with the highest amount of signatures. We need to hit close to one hundred thousand signatures before our petition will have any significant impact on our campaigning efforts, so please continue to spread the word.

Is there a place for Clockblockers to donate funds to the campaign?

Not at this particular time. Since funds for the STFC are raised on a case by case basis per campaign project, if you would like to donate money to our campaign, we suggest you follow @SaveTimelessHQ and watch out for any future projects! If you would like to donate something other than money, please feel free to reach out to any of our HQ accounts regarding the matter.

I donated to the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign, where is my money going?

The majority of the money raised by the #SaveTimeless GoFundMe and PayPal money pool went towards funding the two helicopters that flew over San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st. The first helicopter carried our 4,000-square foot custom billboard. The second helicopter documented the event by taking photos and videos, in addition to providing a livestream of the flight. Video of the livestream is available on our Youtube channel. Further campaign funds raised will be used for follow-up inititatives on an ad hoc basis. Follow @SaveTimelessHQ on Twitter for the latest project announcements.

What happens to money donated that isn’t used up by the campaign?

Any funds not used by the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign upon its dissolution will go to a charity voted on by the fans.

What exactly is a “Heliclockter”?

A “Heliclockter” is the affectionate name given to the helicopters that flew over San Diego Comic-Con on July 21st on behalf of the #SaveTimeless Fan Campaign. The term was coined by Malcolm Barrett in a Twitter post, in reaction to the GoFundMe fundraiser. Additionally, fans named the Heliclockter that carried the billboard the “Mothership”, and the Heliclockter that provided our media feed the “Lifeboat”, in a nod to the time machines on Timeless.

What is a "Clockblocker"?

"Clockblocker" is the term referring to a fan of the tv show, Timeless. It is a clever pun playing on both clocks/time as well as the the premise of the show where the Time Team (main characters) travels through time (clock) to stop (block) the nefarious plans of others. The term was popularized by one of the show's actors, Malcolm Barrett, who plays Rufus Carlin.

Are you selling any official campaign merchandise?

We are not. However, we have a few talented Clockblockers involved in the campaign who have made and are selling their own fan merch that they've designed through sites like Redbubble, Society6, and TeePublic.

Are we still targeting networks?


Although we are not going quite as hard on the networks until after the holidays (when everyone will be back to work), we ARE targeting networks and pleading with them to consider Timeless for a third season.
Right now, specifically, we have heard rumours that Hulu has been showing an interest! So, warm up your tweeting thumbs and prepare your postcards because we are going to be showing Hulu everything we've got!